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The entirety of Wikipedia on your computer. Accessible offline at all times.

A Go native implementation for ZIM files


About this project

Gozim was created with the ambition to give unlimited access to knowledge to as many people possible in any imaginable context.

In short, Gozim gives you a copy of the full Wikipedia library accessible offline at all times on your computer.

Think about accessing any wikipedia article you might need during a power outage, a remote expedition, a natural disaster, or during a visit to an internet-restricted country! Thanks to Gozim, any classroom in the world could potentially access and work on Wikipedia, free of any internet connexion.

Give it a try!

Click here to give it a try
This instance runs a full Wikipedia copy, on a Scaleway C1 ARM computer graciously hosted by Scaleway, running gozimhttpd.

How does it work ?

Thanks to the Kiwix, a full dump of all Wikipedia entries in different languages is provided in a single file.
Around 40GB for the entire English version of Wikipedia.
Gozim is capable of reading that file and serve it via HTTP, even on very small servers (Raspberry Pi).
With a 25$ 64GB USB key and a 35$ Raspberry Pi, you have enough power to serve multiple users at once.
As it serves regular web pages, it works with any WIFI/HTTP capable clients: OLPC, cheap tablets, smartphones...

Why not use the tools provided by Kiwix?

Kiwix's goals are different. They provide a nice visual client to browse ZIM files locally. Yet for a file as big as 40GB, it does not target cost-friendly PCs / tablets
Gozim is a server side tool providing web pages to cheap clients, install it somewhere and forget it.

Technical details

It's written in Go language and the indexer is using Bleve